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Founded in 1981, Fanatic has over three decades of history. Considered one of the world’s leading watersports brands, it lends its success to those team members who love and live to ride. Our in-house design team works side by side with our team of international and world class athletes. This allows us to take the prototypes through the development process on the test winning CAD platform, ensuring the outcome is 100 %.



Fanatic is driven by our unwavering desire to create dream boards. That vision may sound simple, but achieving it is not. We stand for everything that makes it possible: quality, innovation, knowledge, experience, consistency, integrity, Ocean Minded spirit and above all else, passion.

Value is important to us because we know it matters to you. Designing more usable range into each of our boards has allowed us to offer the most concise board range of all the top windsurfing brands. This means you’ll get even more use from your new Fanatic board across a greater range of conditions.

Customer service is as important to us as our products are. Looking after you completes the picture for us. Your questions and feedback help us to better understand your needs, provide you with relevant information and to develop future ranges. There is always an ear waiting for you at an approved Fanatic dealer. Or you can chat to us online anytime at our international forum


FOR 2019...

This is a very exciting year for us! We have some extremely special new designs and a lot to show you! We are very proud of the new Jag. It is essentially a slalom board that we have tuned-up for free sailing. Ridiculously fast, but easier to live with and more fun to gybe than a dedicated slalom board!For all the youths and lighter riders out there, we know the struggle you have with oversized waveboards, so we have something special in the line-up for 2019. The new Grip XS Edition is a 60 l take on our PWA World Wave Title winning Grip, designed specifically to get things back into proportion.Along with our stunning new graphic update for 2019, there are simply too many new models and upgrades to mention here, so it’s time to browse through our page and start dreaming!

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