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  • 'Limited Edition' RS:RACING EVOII and RS:SLALOM MKIII

    published: 1/2/2010

Set Your Heart Racing

NeilPryde is proud to introduce ‘Limited Edition’ RS:RACING EVOII and RS:SLALOM MKIII.

The over all look of the sails has been refreshed with the new graphics and colors from the 2010 collection.

The shapes and designs are unchanged with the performance of the sails remaining exactly the same as it is today.

The official sail of the NeilPryde race team, RS:RACING EVOII is a red-line speed freak with revered racetrack credentials.

In the right hands the RS:SLALOM MKIII is capable of carnage on the water with reflex acceleration and blood-curdling straight-line pace.

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