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  • NeilPryde THE FLY test winner !!!

    published: 17/3/2010
SURF Test Winner THE FLY

The German SURF magazine tested THE FLY in cape town. Here are their comments about it:
With just 4 battens and 0.2 m2 less sail than the competition THE FLY is probably the most extreme in the test group. It's not only the lightest sail, it also feels on the water like a smaller sail than the competition. No other sail turns better in maneuvers, no other sail is better during top turns. In strong winds THE FLY with its 4 battens can be controlled properly and feels compact and cushioned in your hands. "With less power and more manouverability THE FLY can be sailed in the waves the way you like it... THE FLY is not only another good sail, it's a sail with better feeling, which sticks out from the crowd."

THE FLY is the perfect all round sail for people up to 80kg in Waves and Freestyle. Despite it's power the sail seems very neutral in the waves because of its feathery handling, no other sail rotates faster."

Source: SURF magazine 2010 #3 - wave sail test 4.7
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