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  • The World's Fastest Kite

    published: 20/11/2010

Ludertiz Namibia-October 28th, 2010 resulted in success for Team NASSP. Rob Douglas age 39 USA 55 has proudly and courageosly recaptured the Outright World Speed Sailing Record. Not only is theSwitchblade the fastest kite on the’s the fastest sailing device! In winds in excess of 45 knots, sand storms and sea spray surrounding him, Rob entered the Ludertiz Trench. A 13 foot wide, 2 foot deep man made specifically for this world record breaking attempt. With his 9m Cabrinha Switchblade, speed board of choice, and various body protection (not to mention balls of steel), Rob once again sailed into the annals of history with a World Record Speed of 55.65 knots (nearly 65 mph)! If sailing down a 13’ wide x 2’ deep trench at speeds over 64 mph sounds dangerous. It is! The added fact that to retain the water level to the minimum depth of 18cm as required by the WSSRC, organizers were forced to completely close the end of the trench with a wall of rocks and sand, makes the challenge obsurdly dangerous. Rob has the scars to prove how dangerous it can be. His second run was fouled during the finish and he fractured his right wrist. The NASSP Team decided to have Rob return to Boston, MA two days later to undergo surgery that left him with a titanium-reinforced wrist. However daunting this endevor may be to the common man, Douglas says “No one in the world has ever reached that speed with sail power. To be the best of something in the entire history of the planet is incredible, so I’ll defend the title for another year or two.”
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